Open for Business.
ICF selling fresh fruits and vegetables in
North Philadelphia, Camden, NJ and Salem, NJ.

Various colorful fresh vegetables in the fruit market.
Black tomatoes on a branch in the garden. Indigo rose tomato .
market stall with homegrown vegetables

Invincible City Goals

  • to provide a sustainable food source to improve health outcomes, economic development, environmental conditions and social well-being for the neighborhoods.
  • to secure farm profitability and viability: by providing healthy food items for markets i.e. schools, hospitals, correction facilities, hospitals,  and food cupboard organizations
  • to protect, restore and sustain vital agricultural resources as critical foundations of the food system
  • to develop coherent practice and infrastructure that ensure a broad-based and diverse food system to meet the nutritional needs of impoverished urban communities.

Invincible City Farms

Invincible City Farms (ICF) will build a local food system to eliminate food deserts and cultivate nutrition, economy, and dignity for the people in distressed urban environments and the surrounding region. Creating a sustainable food system in underserved communities improves health outcomes, creates jobs and helps to revitalize low-income neighborhoods while:

producing locally grown and prepared foods of superior taste and quality.

disrupting the traditional grocery marketplace, connecting food producers directly with consumers with the goal to make groceries more affordable.

Fredric Byarm and Myeshia Arline
Bridgeton Five acre farm
Pictures of the Salem Forty acre farm coming soon!

Our farm locations

ICF’s production system integrates biological and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity. Farms grow food 365 days a year, regardless of location or climate.

“Regenerative Agriculture” describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.

The loss of the world’s fertile soil and biodiversity, along with the loss of indigenous seeds and knowledge, pose a mortal threat to our future survival. According to soil scientists, at current rates of soil destruction (i.e. decarbonization, erosion, desertification, chemical pollution), within 50 years we will not only suffer serious damage to public health due to a qualitatively degraded food supply characterized by diminished nutrition and loss of important trace minerals, but we will literally no longer have enough arable topsoil to feed ourselves.

The Invincible City Farm Smartphone App

Much of our health starts where we live, learn, work and play. Because so many factors influence a person’s health – including environment, lifestyle, access, habits, genetics, and goals – it is important to build a culture where healthy choices are easy for everyone. In truth, no two individual’s health situations are exactly alike, which can make it challenging to design education, interventions, and solutions that are effective for different families or large groups of people.

To address this challenge, Invincible City Farm has designed a new software solution that brings together technology and innovation in the convenience of a smartphone app. Through the Grocery Smartphone App, a user can establish a personal profile and, in turn, receive education, personalized recommendations, and wellness solutions to improve their quality of life.

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