photos from the Bridgeton Farm

Strawberry Vanilla Waffle Cone

Made from a blend of light weight linen and soft cotton, this dress is perfect for those throw-on-and-go days. It’s designed in a relaxed T-shirt style with a belt on waist.


Founder and CEO, Fredric A. Byarm, spent his childhood living in both north and south Camden and attended Sacred Heart elementary school, Center City Catholic Junior High and attending Camden High School in the late 70s. Fredric’s fascination with food began as a child when he would watch both his maternal and paternal grandmothers in the kitchen. He would go on to earn his culinary degree from the Restaurant School in Philadelphia and eventually owned and operated four restaurants in South Jersey and Vermont

After closing his last restaurant in 2010, Fredric moved to Phoenix and started volunteering at the Phoenix Dream Center, http://www.phxdreamcenter.org  an outreach to low income individuals and families. While teaching money management classes to people at the center, Fredric started learning about food insecurity.  When he moved back to Philadelphia in 2016 and began to learn more of Camden’s plight as a food desert, it greatly disturbed Fredric. “How can I, understanding food systems and food service models, sit back and let the people in my hometown go without access to quality foods to eat?”

With his culinary and business background, Fredric knew he was uniquely positioned to help Camden, and not just by cooking or growing food but in challenging the whole food delivery system. “Why not uproot a system which deprives so many people from the nutrients needed to compete on a even playing field and live a vibrant life?” We want people to eat better, get jobs, feed their families, pay their rent, get better grades, go to college and avoid heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. At the end of the day food is the cheapest prescription for all these things that threaten the welfare of the families. So, lets chance the food system.

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